How to use the JeaIRC Library?

It's pretty easy, you only need two classes. One to start your connection,
typically your main class, and one to receive the messages:
First: Create a class which implements the MessageReceivable interface,
implement (at least) the definition of each method and
make an instance of it.
You don't need to write code in every method. You also don't need to
send a Pong when you receive a ping, JeaIRC handles that itself.
public class Main {
  public static void main(String args[]){
    Receiver messageReceiver = new Receiver();
    (1) (the tutorial goes on here later)
class Receiver implements MessageReceivable {
  ... (implement it yourself)

Then just create a new instance of the JeaIRC class:
at (1):
JeaIRC irc1 = new JeaIRC(ip, port, nick, user, messageReceiver, pass);
The ip is a string, port an integer, nick is a String, user is a User object and pass is a string or can be null.
The User object can be created by using:
User myself = new User(nick, realname, username);
If you want to use this single-threaded, just use the .run() method of your JeaIRC object now:;
The IRC library now starts to connect and auth. As soon as it receives messages,
the fitting method in your MessageReceivable Object will get called.
To send a message, you can just use
irc1.sendLine("PRIVMSG #testchan :This is a message");
or, if you don't want to write the whole IRC command yourself, you can use the
IRCParser class, which provides some easy-to-use methods to create an IRC command:
irc1.sendLine(IRCParser.createPrivMsg("#testchan", "This is a message!");
To find out the methods the IRCParser supports, just read the documentation.

If you've got problems with this, feel free to join my IRC channel: #endless-aerospace
You can also use the webchat: